Feb. 7th, 2008

for Alain

Feb. 7th, 2008 05:43 pm
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A week after discovering the kid hidden away in one of their empty passenger rooms, Kara was starting to feel like she'd entered some sort of twilight zone. She'd frakked off their little pow-wow in the kitchen right after the kid started talking like he was conducting a one-man seance, and she'd only seen him a few times since, mostly sitting at the table drinking chocolate milk and looking completely un-crazy. But it had kind of freaked her out, all the same, and she decided after worrying about it for more time than she was really comfortable with, to ask one of the captains to give her some answers.

When she knocked on the captains' quarters door, there was no answer, so she turned and went out toward the kitchen and the public area and through to the little library, where she found Captain Stockworth sitting with his legs over the arm of a chair, poring through a dusty book. "Find anything interesting?" she asked with a little smile, leaning against the wall just inside the door.

for Karl

Feb. 7th, 2008 05:50 pm
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It wasn't like Kara had expected a warm welcome when she got back to Equus; hell, she'd hoped she wouldn't see a soul she knew, just to avoid the cold shoulder she knew she was going to get from most of her old friends. It was funny in that way that wasn't funny at all, that it had only occurred to her as they were entering Equus' orbit that half of them probably thought she was dead.

Nothing she'd done or thought had really prepared her for being back home. It felt surreal, coming to it as an outsider, seeing Delphi rear up at her from the observation bridge of the Argo. Even worse was being out and about in the city, half of it still in ruins from the Cylon attacks, half of it so painfully familiar she didn't know if she could stand it. It would be so much easier to pretend it wasn't home if Roslin weren't with her, but she could tell every time she looked at the President that she was sharing Kara's feelings about being back in their home city.

But as unprepared as Kara had been for being back at home, she found the rug completely torn from beneath her when the delegation from Galactica came on board the Argo. She'd expected Gaeta, she'd expected Dee; she hadn't expected Helo, wearing major's pins on his collar and speaking as Commander Adama's second in command. A few minutes later, when she realized that 'Commander' was Apollo, that the man she'd known as Commander Adama was now Admiral Adama, it was all she could do to keep staring ahead and holding her composure together. Being smacked in the face with everything she'd missed, everything she should have been a part of... it made her ache, and she hoped the meeting would be over quickly so she could escape to her rack and have some peace.


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