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One thing Kara had long since gotten used to on board the Argo was the long stretches of down time. Sure, they had three-week spans where none of them got to sleep, but they were usually interspersed with a month or two of flying from place to place doing nothing but recovering, researching and trying desperately to find ways to amuse themselves. Jayne and the Shepherd had taken to hanging up a punching bag in the loading dock and using it to spar, and Kara was at the point where if that didn't keep her attention for more than an hour, she was ready to go find a person to take its place.

As she started down the stairs, though, she realized she wouldn't have to choose between the two. Someone was already having a go at the bag, and pretty vigorously by the sounds of it. As she rounded the bend in the stairs she saw it was Jim, and her mouth curved in a grin. The new mechanic wasn't really that new anymore (two months was long enough to have a decent idea of where not to leave your empty beer bottles and who not to cut in line for the shower) but he was a hell of a lot of fun to drink and spar with.

"Is this a private party, or can I gatecrash?" she asked, coming up behind him already in the process of strapping on her gloves, just in case he'd actually thought there was more than one right answer to that question.
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