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Feb. 7th, 2008 05:43 pm
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A week after discovering the kid hidden away in one of their empty passenger rooms, Kara was starting to feel like she'd entered some sort of twilight zone. She'd frakked off their little pow-wow in the kitchen right after the kid started talking like he was conducting a one-man seance, and she'd only seen him a few times since, mostly sitting at the table drinking chocolate milk and looking completely un-crazy. But it had kind of freaked her out, all the same, and she decided after worrying about it for more time than she was really comfortable with, to ask one of the captains to give her some answers.

When she knocked on the captains' quarters door, there was no answer, so she turned and went out toward the kitchen and the public area and through to the little library, where she found Captain Stockworth sitting with his legs over the arm of a chair, poring through a dusty book. "Find anything interesting?" she asked with a little smile, leaning against the wall just inside the door.

Date: 2008-02-08 04:19 pm (UTC)
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Richard smiled and closed the book keeping his finger between the pages. He held the book up for her inspection. It was a dusty history about Leonis, but he found much of it quite fascinating. Though, old as it was, he didn't think he'd find much use for it when they did finally pull into port there.

"Interesting, yes. Engrossing, not exactly." He smiled and lowered the book to his lap, still closed. He picked up a cup of tea that sat on the table beside him and took a sip before placing it back down. "You are not in here much. Something on your mind?" He searched her face.

He had been coming to really like Kara, but when she approached you, she was either bored, or wanted something. He wondered which it was this time.

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Kara crossed the room and flopped down into one of the oversized chairs, snorting a little at the captain's question. "Oh, where to begin," she replied with a light tone, though her sly smile didn't leave any doubt as to whether or not she actually had a point in coming here. "I'm just wondering if it'll be any good to try and get some real answers out of you about our stowaway friend, or if you're gonna keep playing mum's the word on how it's possible that he knows you even though he's never met you before in his life." She lifted one hand in a slightly comical gesture of perplexity, her face pulling a silly frown to match, and she added, "Just wondering," before dropping the pose and looking at him with level scrutiny.

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He looked at her for a moment or two in silence as if taking her measure, suddenly looking quite a bit older than he was in truth. He didn't move but something about his posture changed to give that effect, an effect that seemed to happen whenever either of the Captains starting talking crazy.

"Kara, if someone could have given you a straight, sane answer to that question, they would have already."

Not to mention the fact that he wasn't ready to even begin to explain the touch. It was better for the moment that they all believed he was just observant enough to make very educated and often correct guesses.

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She gave him a skeptical look, though she was (however unfortunately) inclined to believe him. With Captain Heath it was all bluster and blather, she never could tell when he was being straightforward with her; but Richard was different, more solid, more real. She supposed it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone that she thought a little of Helo when she looked at him, but it surprised her to find she thought of Helo when he spoke, too.

"Well, shit," she said, still comical in her complaining. "So either that's a nice way of saying you don't get it either, or a nice way of pointedly not saying I'm too dense to understand what's going on." Her eyebrows waggled. "So which is it, Cap'n? Am I an idiot or are you just playing smart?"

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"The universe is too smart for the both of us I think." He knew what Jake was, and probably could have explained that part of it fine, not that he would at this moment, but the other part, the crazy part, frustrated him just as much as the rest. Even Bert, Arthur, probably thought he understood more than he did.

"Fate," he had almost said Ka and remembered at the last second, "has dropped the boy at our feet. Whether we are merely a means for him to get where he needs to be, or we are that place is yet to be seen. As he is, he's doing no harm beyond frustrating our curiosity."

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"That's harm enough, don't you think?" Kara returned wryly. "I don't know about you, but I'm not zen enough to just sit back and let the world do its thing without asking me what part I want to play. Fate," she said with the same irony, "has a way of screwing me over if I don't keep both eyes on it at all times." Just ask Zak Adama about that, she thought, keeping to herself the twist of her stomach that always happened when she thought about him.


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